Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to make money online with LINKBUCKS using TPT (Traffic W) ?

What is Linkbucks?
Linkbucks is an advertising network that allows you to make money from sharing  your links by shortening them and spreading them all over the internet.

What are the requirements?
  • basically all you need is internet access and you also need to be active online in order for you to make any cash
  • you also need to have a way to get the money. you can use paypal or other methods that they have and be sure that you can get paid from any country.
You dont need
  • to have a website
  • to pay anything
  • to write any code
Possible Tactics-(if you wish)
  • you could start a blog and share links to your blog articles, you need to write about interesting stuff
  • you could start a forum where people can discuss about something
  • start a facebook group and get lots of visitors from that group
  • put videos on youtube and put your links in the description

Getting started
  1. all you have to do is sign up for FREE here
  2. fill your details and that's it. after confirming your email address you can click the create links tab and start shortening links.
  3. start spreading your links on the internet i write about how to do this in my other posts so look around
You should know that the rate of making money will be slow especially if the people clicking your links are are not from top countries (UK, USA etc) so try to get visitors from these countries to increase your earnings. That's all you need.
What is Traffic W?

Traffic W its a Traffic Exchange, just in a bot made off some Chinse people something.
Over 15 Million people use it everyday to earn big traffic to their sites.
You just need to run it and submit your sites you want Traffic too.
People also sell traffic from them to earn them som big cash everyday! Aslo hard used to exploit sites like& Linkbucks…
with Traffic W can you only add 4-6 links! Thats just bad for Traffic selling.

How to use Traffic W with Linkbucks ?

Instructions how to Earn Money with sharing links

First : Sign-Up for FREE here
  • Login
  • create links
  • Paste your link in
  • select clean all ages or 18+
  • then select intermission ads these are the higer paying ads the ones that ask you to skip ad after a short time.
  • then select what mini url you want to use there are like 15 to choose from any will do.
  • then click create link and your done a short link will be generated and you can use that link and each time a person clicks it you will make money.

Second : Download the software (Traffic W)

How to use the software
This is just a brief discussion/ tutorial .

Whats the use of this bot?
- You use this to make other people click on ads ( making money online )
- You use this to get more traffic to your website
- you can use this in some website that has PTP link.

1. Open the program.
2. You'll see a button at the botton part of the software, you need to click on it

3. You'll see a box that will pop-up. You need to put your URL link there, in the box with (http://)
4. After you put your URL link there, you can now click the "ADD Link" button of the pop up box to be able to start the bot running.

5. You can see beside your link that there is a loading icon (that's the number of views you'll accumulate, using the bot)

6. In line with your URL link, you'll see some chinese button.I will show you the important ones

Note: The number of your link depends on the speed of the internet you have ( next pop-up box tell you that you can't add other links ).

You don't need to use proxy or anything. You just need your link, and let it run.


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