Monday, June 3, 2013

How to Configure FTP Server In Windows 7
To Configure FTP Server, FTP service should be install on Local Computer , And user must be member of the Administrative Group on the local computer . With the Help of FTP server we can share any file or folder with in a network.

Follow these steps to Configure FTP Server .
 1. Click on start Button , then Click on Control Panel, then Click on Program and Features

2. In Program and Feature window Click on Turn Windows Feature on or Off.
3. Expand Internet Information service Node .
4. Expand FTP server, then select FTP service Check-box, then click on Ok.
5. Now Go to the Control panel, then Click on Administrative tool.
5. Click on  IIS manager, Click the Connection pane.
6. Right click on the Site, then Click on Add FTP sites.

7. In the Add FTP wizard , Write the name of FTP site  and Select the Path of Folder which you want to share, then 8.  Enter the Loopback address( in IP address Box, and Port 21. then click ok.

8. Go to IIS and click on the created Sites , the Content of the site will be display.
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